Official launch

Published 30th May 2015

The Extremely Brilliant Source project was officially launched on 29 May, at the occasion of the first meeting of the new Science Advisory Committee (SAC) of the ESRF where, among the different deliverables, the planned reconstruction of the existing storage ring was highlighted.

In an increasingly competitive scientific environment, the construction of this new lightsource, boosting the brilliance of the X-rays and their coherence by a factor of 100, is a strategic project for the future of the ESRF. By constructing the first of a new generation of high energy synchrotrons, the ESRF is strengthening its scientific excellence and confirming its pioneering role in synchrotron science.
Francesco Sette, Director General of the ESRF.
The recently launched next phase of the Upgrade Programme is without question the most exciting development in the ESRF’s history since its inception. It will create what is essentially a new synchrotron. This will open up new scientific opportunities across the biological, physical, and engineering sciences, and will future proof the ESRF’s position as a world leader in the X-ray sciences.
Desmond McMorrow, new chairman of the SAC.

The Extremely Brilliant Source Programme has received the enthusiastic support of the scientific community, and has motivated the ESRF‘s Member and Associate countries to unanimously agree to launch the UP Phase II with a new investment of 150 million euros over the period 2015-2022. Considering the prevailing difficult economic situation in Europe and further afield, this support testifies to the trust that the partner countries have in the ESRF and its staff.

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