Credit: S. Cande/ESRF

Big moment for EBS magnets

The construction and delivery of the EBS magnets is complete, marking a major milestone four years into the project. Over 1000 new magnets have…

The MAC was impressed to see the progress made on the assembly of the EBS girders. Credit: P. Jayet

MAC: “EBS on track”

The ESRF’s Extremely Brilliant Source is a 150M€ upgrade programme that includes the complete dismantling of the existing storage ring and the reinstallation of…

A team of accelerator production experts from BINP, Russia, are supporting ESRF staff to assemble the 128 girders of the EBS storage ring. Credit: C. Argoud.

Russian team aids EBS assembly

ESRF-EBS is an international project that relies on the collaboration and expertise of companies and professionals from our partner countries in Europe and all…

Assembly girder in the Hall

First assembled girders

The ESRF-EBS project is in full swing. The first EBS girders have been fully assembled with magnets, supports and vacuum chambers and transported to…

The EBS mock-up. Credit: Stef Cande

Video: EBS, in full swing

As we enter the fourth year of the ESRF’s Extremely Brilliant Source (EBS) project, it is clear that 2018 will mark a turning point….

4 brand new beamlines for EBS will be built and commissioned by the ESRF from 2018-2022. ©ESRF/S. Candé

Four new beamlines for EBS

EBS is advancing daily and that progress is not limited to the accelerator complex. The ESRF has announced an ambitious beamline portfolio to exploit…