UP-II becomes ESRF – EBS

The ESRF has renamed the second phase of its extensive Upgrade Programme ESRF – EBS, with EBS standing for Extremely Brilliant Source.

ESRF Pole Position

Pole position

For the last three months in a tucked-away lab in cell 11, high-precision tests have been conducted on the first prototype quadrupole for the…

ESRF Super Model

Super Model

Sitting in front of a huge 3D computer image of a 30 m cell for the new accelerator, Bernard Ogier zooms right in to…

ESRF Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations

Bright red, over 5m long and weighing 6.7 tonnes, the prototype girder for the ESRF – EBS project is the new star attraction of…


Official launch

The Extremely Brilliant Source project was officially launched on 29 May, at the occasion of the first meeting of the new Science Advisory Committee…