Mechanical technician Marc Lesourd keeps an eye on the acceleration as the girder is lifted up. Accelerometers are fixed to the magnets and connected to his computer via a FFT spectrum analyser.

Heavy metal

On a cold but sunny December morning, the prototype girder for the ESRF’s EBS project (see Good Vibrations article) was put through a series…

Vac instrumentation team


“Getting a high-quality vacuum in an accelerator is a bit like cleaning your house,” vacuum instrumentation engineer Anthony Meunier tells me. “You can put…

In-situ the new button (blue)

On the button!

The third contract in the procurement phase of the EBS project has been signed, for 1500 ultra-high vacuum Beam Position Monitor (BPM) buttons. These…

Filippo Cianciosi, using the prototype girder

Vac to the future

“I love inventing new things,” says Filippo Cianciosi, a mechanical engineer working on the EBS project. “In most places, you normally have to modify…

ESRF New Scientific challenges

Thumbs up from the MAC

The official report from the second Machine Advisory Committee has been received. The MAC meeting was held at the ESRF on 24th and 25th…


UP-II becomes ESRF – EBS

The ESRF has renamed the second phase of its extensive Upgrade Programme ESRF – EBS, with EBS standing for Extremely Brilliant Source.

ESRF Pole Position

Pole position

For the last three months in a tucked-away lab in cell 11, high-precision tests have been conducted on the first prototype quadrupole for the…

ESRF Super Model

Super Model

Sitting in front of a huge 3D computer image of a 30 m cell for the new accelerator, Bernard Ogier zooms right in to…