4 brand new beamlines for EBS will be built and commissioned by the ESRF from 2018-2022. ©ESRF/S. Candé

Four new beamlines for EBS

EBS is advancing daily and that progress is not limited to the accelerator complex. The ESRF has announced an ambitious beamline portfolio to exploit…

ESRF Pole Position

Extremely brilliant magnets

The EBS’s Extremely Brilliant beam is due to the new, compact arrangement of magnets in the storage ring. Over 1000 new magnets will be…

From left, Pantaleo Raimondi, Director of the Accelerator Division, Hans Braun, MAC Vice Chairman (Swiss XFEL Project Leader), Richard Walker, MAC Chairman (Director, DLS) and Francesco Sette, DG of the ESRF

Return of the MAC

The third Machine Advisory Committee meeting took place at the ESRF on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd April. The EBS team, now well into…