About ESRF

ESRF Synchrotron

The ESRF – the European Synchrotron – is an international science facility supported by 22 partner nations, a centre of excellence for fundamental research, also committed to applied and industrial research.

Located in Grenoble, France, the ESRF is the most intense source of synchrotron-generated light, producing X-rays 100 billion times brighter than the X-rays used in hospitals. Each year, thousand of scientists from all around the world come to Grenoble to access the 44 highly specialised experimental stations, called « beamlines », each equiped with state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Functionning like a « super-microscope », due to the brilliance and quality of its X-rays, the ESRF reveals the structure of matter in all its beauty and complexity. It provides unrivalled opportunities for scientists in the exploration of materials and living matter in a very wide variety of fields: chemistry, material physics, archaeology and cultural heritage, structural biology and medical applications, environmental sciences, information science and nanotechnologies.