About ESRF – EBS


The ESRF designs a new generation of synchrotrons

Following on from 20 years of success and scientific excellence, the ESRF, the world’s first so-called third generation light source, has embarked upon an ambitious and innovative modernisation project – the Upgrade Programme. After the succesful delivery of the first phase of this programme in the period 2009-2015, the ESRF has launched, on May 2015, the ESRF – Extremely Brilliant Source (ESRF – EBS) project: this project is centred in the construction of a new and highly innovative 845 metres storage ring in the period 2015-2020.

The ESRF Extremely Brilliant Source is a new challenge taken up together by the 21 partner nations of the ESRF. With the construction and commissioning of the first of a new generation of synchrotrons, fully conceived and designed by ESRF accelerator scientists and engineers, the ESRF consolidates and enlarges its pioneering role in X-ray science. This challenging and unique project will pave the way to provide new tools for the investigation of condensed matter and life science, which will better worldwide scientific cooperation and the quest to finding durable answers to the great technological, economic, societal and environmental challenges facing our society.

Francesco Sette, Director General of the ESRF


A scientific and technological challenge

The highlight and major technological challenge of the ESRF Extremely Brilliant Source project is the creation of an ultra-bright synchrotron source with performances 100 times superior to present day synchrotrons.
In an increasingly competitive scientific environment, the construction of this new light source, that will produce more intense, coherent and stable X-ray beams, is a strategic project for the future of the ESRF, opening new perspectives for X-ray science.

Pantaleo Raimondi,Director of Accelerator & Source,
Harald Reichert and
Jean Susini, Research Directors.

The ESRF – EBS is a global project that will boost the ESRF partner countries position at the forefront of X-ray science and instrumentation. The ESRF – EBS consists on four components:

  • The construction of a new – the first of a kind – storage ring, inside the existing infrastructure, producing an extremely brilliant source
  • A new state-of-the-art beamlines portfolio and users’ support facilities adapted to the new research opportunities
  • An important instrumentation programme, in particular for the development of new high performance X-ray detectors
  • An ambitious big data strategy in order to fully exploit the high performance of the new X-ray source
  • 330M€ in 2009-2022 period